Help With Paying Bills Rent, Mortgages, Debts And More.

Not everybody is financially stable and there are many who face financial difficulties. A lot of people belong to low income families and need assistance with paying bills and debts. Situations like inflation, the pandemic, etc. have worsened it for many low income families.

Hence to help such people out, the government as well as many Non-government organizations run various programs for helping low income families and needy individuals. These different programs help struggling individuals and families in numerous ways.

Such financial assistance programs range from basic items of need like food, groceries, clothes, furniture, and so on to even things like free cars. You can find help with almost all types of bills like utility bills, school and college fees, healthcare medical bills, pay rent, and so on.

You can get more information about such programs that are offered by various charity organizations like the Salvation Army, Saint Vincent De Paul, and different Catholic Churches. Apart from the government, these organizations help low income families and needy individuals with a lot of things.

Along with the government, various Non-Government, Non-Profit organizations, local community agencies, and other similar bodies help people in different ways in their different needs. Such agencies can help you apply for financial assistance programs in numerous sectors. It can save you a lot of money.

If you belong to a low income family or a vulnerable group as compared to ordinary people like single mothers, single fathers, army veterans, differently-abled people, and so on, then you can get financial as well as other major assistance from various such organizations.

Local financial assistance programs and social services

Almost all the cities, counties, and states come to support their low income families and houses give financial assistance to them. This can be very helpful and a huge relief to the low income people. You can check out the below types of options and help available for the needy –

  • There are various Federal, State, as well as Local government assistance programs that help the needy through different means.
  • You will also find many Community Action Agencies that are known to help low-income families and also the unemployed to overcome poverty or find a higher paying job.
  • The Public assistance programs also help the government with financial assistance with different needs.
  • The government as well as various Non-Governmental organizations also help specific vulnerable groups that generally include Senior Citizens, Army Veterans, Single mothers, single fathers, and so on.
  • Even the Church’s Assistance Programs can be a huge help for many needy families.
  • Many charity organizations come forward for emergency assistance for paying bills, food, rent, and other basic needs of life.
  • You can find extra sources for free government grants and low income assistance programs.

Choose Programs according to your State

Apart from the Federal Government, there are a number of programs that are run for the people by the State Government. These programs generally differ from state to state. You can see the programs for low income families available in your state.

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  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • California
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  • Connecticut
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  • Hawaii
  • Idaho
  • Illinois
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  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Maine
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
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  • Minnesota
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • Nebraska
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  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
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  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon
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Free Food and Groceries for low income families

We all know how crucial food is for living. But then there are many less fortunate families that have to survive on one time’s meal and some so poor that they have to seek help from others for their food. At such times, a little help can be a great relief to needy people.

food pantry near me open today
The Food pantry near me is open today

The government as well as many NGOs aim to help people in need and have the goal of providing the basic necessity of life – food to as many people as possible. With this in mind, organizations like the Salvation Army, SNAP, Meals on Wheels, etc. come ahead to serve food at cheap or free of cost for the low income needy families.

Nearly 15% of the population is being categorized as “food insecure”. There are a number of places from where you can get free groceries and full meals. Many organizations come forward with the goal to help low income families have a nutritious diet irrespective of their financial conditions.

You can find food trucks, Food Stamps, food pantries, and other such food-providing organizations near you. You can also go for options like Gaballi Food Boxes 

Housing assistance – Rent, mortgage, and utility bills

Housing is one of the major expenses of living and not everyone can afford the high rents charged. Rents can make a huge hole in anyone’s pocket. They can go as high as 80% of an individual’s income. For those having a low income, paying rent can be a very difficult task.

help with rent - Housing assistance
help with rent – Housing assistance

Hence, to help such people out, there are government programs, charity organizations, community action agencies, churches, and so on who offer short-term mortgage and rent help for low income families and needy individuals.

You can get various other types of housing assistance programs through which it can get easier to look for houses on rent. Such programs include options like section 8 housing applications, emergency rental assistance, need help paying my rent before getting evicted, and so on.

Financial Assistance with Education and College fees

We all know the key role that education plays in building a person as well as a nation. It is indeed one of the basic needs of life now. At the same time, the cost of education, especially higher education can be a huge burden on low income families. This can hinder the process of education for a member of such a family and the loop could go on.

Financial Assistance and grants for college
Financial Assistance and grants for college

Hence, considering the immense need and importance of education for the development of the citizens of the country as well as the nation, the government brings various programs for providing free education and scholarships for college and school-going students.

Apart from the government, there are many humanitarian organizations that intend to help needy students in getting financial assistance for education in college and university. Many Non-profit agencies also offer scholarships for high schools, universities, and colleges so as to help the brilliant needy students.

Financial Assistance with Utility bills

Electricity bills form a huge component of the monthly budget of any household. This is one of those constant expenses that can seem to be a huge burden. In winters, you make use of heaters and in summers you will need a proper cooling system. Such seasonal expenses further add to the electricity bills.

i need help paying my electric bill
i need help paying my electric bill

Many low income families find it difficult to pay such utility bills on time with their already less income. In such situations, the government, non-profit, charity, and local utility electric bill assistance programs can be a huge help. These programs will help you pay the utility bills on time by reducing the amount of bills to be paid.

Apart from this, there are various organizations and programs like HEAP, etc. that help with weatherization, financial grants to pay utility bills, and many low income assistance programs to pay electricity bills.

Free Medical and dental care assistance

Healthcare is one of the most expensive areas for any household. And this is something again, that you cannot skip and should not be skipped at any cost. It is true that healthcare services whether medical-related or dental care, are all pretty expensive and not everyone can afford them.

free health and dental insurance
free health and dental insurance

But this does not mean that the less fortunate people should be barred from health care medical services only because of their weak financial conditions. Hence, there are various healthcare assistance programs launched and run by the government as well as that help low income families with financial assistance for medical services.

Oral health is just as important as your medical i.e., overall health. For the precision and accuracy that are required along with many other factors, dental health care services can be very costly. Take for example dentures. They can cost you thousands of dollars.

Only because such healthcare services are expensive, does not at all mean that you should avoid taking them. It is very crucial that a person gets their dentures done if need be.

As the high costs are not affordable for low income families, the government and organizations working in that area help people by offering them financial assistance for dental services. With the programs for dental grants, one can get dentures for just $99 a day. 

Assistance for Free laptops and computers for Low income families

Especially after the COVID pandemic hit the world with everything shifting to the online mode of conduct, the need for laptops, computers tablets, and smartphones has increased now more than ever. Again, such digital gadgets can be very expensive and cannot be afforded by many low income people.

free laptop and computers
free laptop and computers

But this inability to buy such expensive gadgets should not result in a digital divide, which occurs when some people do not get access to internet communication. Hence, the government and many organizations working for the betterment of people offer financial assistance for laptops, mobiles, computers, tablets, etc. 

Assistance for Differently abled people

The need for general day-to-day activities can be slightly different for differently-abled people. And even though the number of such people is less, their needs have to be met. Since there are also many medical factors involved, life can be tough for differently-abled people as they cannot work like ordinary people.

help for the handicapped
help for the handicapped

And hence, the government and many Non-Profit organizations run various programs for this vulnerable group of citizens like free transportation services for disabled people, financial assistance with medications for disabled people, financial assistance for paying medical bills, housing, food, and utility bills, etc.

Financial Assistance for Single Mothers and Single Fathers

Parenting alone can be a very tough thing to manage along with taking care of the entire household, your job, and other responsibilities. Right from feeding the child to changing the diapers and dropping and picking them up from school, a lot falls on a single parent.

single parent assistance
single parent assistance

Considering the extensive responsibilities that come with being a single mother or father, the government and many NGOs offer various programs and grants like free diapers for single mothers/single fathers, free baby food, clothes, etc.

There are also grants like scholarships for single moms so that they can continue with their education without worrying about the financials. Even for other grants from the government and charities, some preference is given to single parents.

Debt assistance for loans, credit cards, and unpaid bills

A lot of people prefer a paycheck and in some cases, this loop goes in till they go into debt. It can thus become difficult for them to pay their bills and the loans are taken can pile up with huge interests.

debt relief programs
debt relief programs

In such cases, the government and many organizations come forward to offer financial assistance programs from banks, lenders, as well as free non-profit credit counseling agencies. Lenders can offer you some type of assistance in paying due bills, loan repayments, credit cards, and other bills.

Free legal assistance

It goes without saying that legal services are one of the most high-end expenses. The procedure is not only complicated but also involves different types of fees. Then we have the lawyer’s fees on top of it all, which can be a huge burden for many.

free legal aid near me
free legal aid near me

There are some circumstances like divorce cases, child custody, etc. for which the single mother might not have the money to pay the lawyer’s fees.

In such cases, some relief in the fees can be a huge help. Considering this need, there are various programs that offer financial assistance with lawyers, free legal advice and assistance, and s0 on.

Assistance with transportation services

Transportation is one of the most crucial needs today. You need to use transportation to get to school/college and back and to go to your workplace. But despite being so common, the means of transportation are still costly.

Transportation Assistance for low income
Transportation Assistance for low income

Buying a car cannot be affordable for all, especially not for low-income families. And thus, to help such people, the government as well as many other organizations having the goal of serving people, come forward with different programs for assistance with transportation services. 

That is just not it, there are various types of programs related to transportation like a free car for low income families, grants to pay for automobile repairs, etc. If you are in genuine need of a car, then you can get the required help from different charities or churches. You can also get free gasoline vouchers if need be.

Extra income, money-saving tips, and budgeting

If your major source of income is not sufficient to run the household, then you can rely on extra income for a better life. Although the government and charity organizations go above and beyond to help low-income families, there are always limited resources available.

how to save money
how to save money

Hence, looking for other options like Extra income, choosing money-saving tips and budgeting can help a lot. A lot of governments offer additional employment opportunities like local work from home jobs and so on.

You can opt for different ways to earn extra income like applying for some government grants, cashback websites, taking part in online surveys, and so on. You can also get free money for paying bills! Although the income through such options is very limited, it can be of great help to low-income families.

You can always go for budgeting and use different money-saving tips that can help you maintain your expenses and utilize the money efficiently.

Free assistance for seasonal living expenses

As the seasons change, so do the needs and thus expenses. Many organizations come forward to offer free Christmas gifts. This can be a great gesture for the low-income families that generally find it difficult to get Christmas gifts for their family members.

Free assistance for seasonal living expenses
Free assistance for seasonal living expenses

Such seasonal expenses can make a huge hole in someone’s pockets but programs like free Christmas gifts and free help for the holidays can be a boon. You can also get help with summer cooling system installation, insulation, weatherization, and so on through different government programs.

You can always seek help from organizations like the Salvation Army or St. Vincent De Paul or thrift stores to get free clothes for the winter season. The warm clothes for winter can be quite expensive but using such options can help you get them for free or at a cheap price.

Loans that help pay bills, loans for emergencies

If your bills all pile up at the month-end or you need some assistance with paying bills then you can go for options like low-interest Credit Union loans, Payday loans, peer-to-peer lending, and so on.

emergency cash loans
emergency cash loans

If you have any bills or loans to pay that are due and you are a low-income family then you can get financial assistance from loans for borrowers with no credit which is offered by many charity organizations, private lenders, and even though some government programs.

You can also get loans with no interest to pay any unforeseen expenses like due bills, housing costs, car repairs, and so on. Such loans do not require you to pay any additional interest amount or fees.

Concluding Words

Those were some of the most well-known and commonly used grants and assistance programs. Certainly, the grants for low income families are not limited to these. The government, both federal and state, many charity organizations, Non-Profit institutions, Churches, Local community agencies, etc. are constantly striving to help the needy with any and all that they can.

You can bookmark this page to stay updated with such information about newly launched and already existing grants for low-income families and needy individuals.

If you are in search of any particular grants and do not find it on our website, let us know in the comments and we will get back to you with all the latest information about it. Also, in case of any queries, feel free to ask us anytime!

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